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is a collection of my writing, fiction and non-fiction. the former is mostly science fiction short stories, whereas the latter is a more jumbled collection of things. everything on this site was made by me- with the exception of all of the background images (except this one) and icons, which are all creative commons licensed images that i have modified considerably. i don't have much more to say about it-- i think what i've written speaks for itself-- but it is worth noting that just about everything on here was written from 2022 onwards. my older stuff is still around; it's just not worth showing off, i don't think. if you really liked something that was here before, and would like to see it again, please feel free to contact me using the information below!

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is me! hi. i'm cass, a twenty-year-old disabled queer woman currently living in unceded lenape land in so-called new york. i've got a statistically average collection of hobbies, including but not limited to nintendo games, TRPGs, cartography, learning about urban geography and history, as well as (obviously) writing and reading. i also am very fond of cats and public transit, although i wouldn't describe either of those as hobbies. other things... i grew up in the south, which had a significant effect on my accent but did not provide me with any heat tolerance. my favorite colors are green and purple.

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my friend elia's website. has cool worldbuilding stuff on it.
my sister's itch page! you can find her amazing TRPGs here.
bridges. you can find them here.


just about everything on this site was created by me from my own assets entirely- the only exceptions are the icons and the background on the home page, which are heavily edited creative commons pictures from NASA. however this doesn't mean that i didn't have help, especially on the writing front:

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